Why Open Stories?

Now comes the biggest question, “Why use Open Stories? Will it solve anything? Would it be of any use?” We know the drill. Let’s charge!
Why Openstories?

Our Motivation Came After Seeing

More than 70% of web traffic was video

Attraction and Conversion
Videos Attract and convert visitors into paying customers very easily as they will convey the story about your business in an interesting way.
Consumable and Catchy
Studies show that the brain processes the videos 600000 times faster than text so which makes this form of media ideal for content marketing
Shareable and Loveable
When people like the video they will share your story to everyone so you will get more visitors through social media as a result increase your Organic Traffic.

“My marketing team uses it to make social videos for marketing and we see good ROI on creating those content.”

Andy Friedman
CMO, Wolters-Althoff Investments,LLC

Video took hours of creation time

Lack of Ideas
Openstories AI you can easily convert your existing blog content into videos and web stories to enhance your marketing strategy and help you to solve the problem of lack of ideas.
No Knowledge of Design
Are you a person who doesn’t know about choosing colors, Images, and Design?.No Worries openstories community will help you with everything you want to know.
Popular Videos and Stories in Minutes
You can upload your brand logo and presets in the existing poplar storyboards and make your Personalized wish to your target audience in minutes.

“Easy to use tool to create social videos and stories.I am impressed with the support from the team. It's like they care about your success."

CEO, Gunning Capital

You needed prior software knowledge

Beginner Friendly Tool
We have a very easy to use tool which will help you to create Videos and Stories in minutes. You just need to drag and drop images and type the text you want to create your videos.
Easy to use Interface
We have a very friendly User Interface in our Editor. All the functions are grouped separately like Themes, Media, Audio, and uploads to avoid confusion.
Share your Work in Minutes
Download your work as videos or publish as stories with swipe up URLs and share them with your target audience in minutes.

“The fastest and easiest way to create social videos. I have been using it for the last 2 months almost on a regular basis and we are seeing good results"

Raja Appachi
CEO, DoWhistle

Choose a plan that fits your business

For serious content creators who are starting upFor pro content creatorsFor serious businesses