We’re OpenStories

We believe that creating ‘videos & stories’ should be as simple as ‘writing’

Our Story

Thousands of years, people are writing and it’s super simple to create and curate text content. ‘Videos’ and ‘Stories’ format of conveying information is relatively new & it’s time consuming to create those.

We at OpenStories believe that unless the creation tool is super simple, enable and empower humans to express their thoughts, it’s not going to be successful.

How we did it?

OpenStories Team

We sought the help of A.I. Using A.I. we created a platform that can quickly convert thoughts and text to storyboards, so that people can create and curate videos easily. Thousands of hours of videos are created every minute and we certainly believe that the current method of creating videos it not scalable and effective.

OpenStories, it’s A.I. and the community is the right way forward for videos and story format. Stories format is led by large giants like Facebook, instagram, google etc… We are looking forward to make a huge difference in this space by enabling the world to create better videos and better stories.

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Our Co-Founders

Photo of Ram Chella

Ram Chella - CEO

ex-VC, Robotics & biotech guy who wants to change the media world. Really? He tried building Video A.I. servers for video indexing. No one wants to buy it. Lost his money in the process. Pivoted to OpenStories and today’s it’s one of the most innovative platform for stories & videos creation used by over 300 companies across the world.
Photo of Suresh

Suresh Sivasankaran - CPO

His favorite command is rm -rf. So, you don’t have to worry about your privacy ;) Pivoted various use-cases around Media A.I. along with Ram and constantly failed for over 2 years. But consistent effort in that direction led to the invention of ‘OpenStories’ and used by thousands of content writers on daily basis to express their thoughts.