Open Source equivalent for ‘Content Creators’

a community of Open Source stories with GPL license.Feel free to extend it and republish it. It’s yours.

FREE interms of FREEDOM
A global library of FREE stories with Open Source GPL license & new content updated everyday.


A.I. powered online editor

Making the life of a content creator easier by making Videos and Stories in minutes with the help of A.I. We are user friendly with easy to use editor so that you can express your ideas and convert them to attractive and interactive video content.

Fastest Way of Content Creation
More Engagement More Money

Brand presets

To bring consistent experience across your content from hundreds of themes, colors, fonts, and more.

Open Source Stories

With GPL licensed stories, you can just extend and create your content. Never start from scratch.

Be Unique and Awesome
Get Ranked on Google

Use the power of community

As a content creator, there is no pressure to make a new content everyday. Start from our community. Our community is there to help you.

As Richard Stallman explains it, free as in “free speech,” not free as in “free beer.”
With just $1 / day, use our online tool to edit the stories and republish with your branding, logo & watermark.

The goto place to start creating your videos and stories.
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